Rob Dalton is Landrobot

illustrator - game artist - designer


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I am an illustrator, designer and ideas man with a robotic heart and a uniquely skewed world view. My sense of the insane and love of the macabre brings complete originality to my work, introducing you to a twisted universe, where the cybernetic meets the Victorian and the perverse meets the absurd. My main influence is my own freakish imagination.

I'm a black belt in Adobe software, a grand master of Illustrator and Photoshop and can also work the traditional 'Pencil' with a mastery almost lost in the mists of time.

Cutting my teeth at interactive games channel, Playjam, I created vector based characters and concepts for Sky, Canal + and Cablevision platforms.

More vector work and this time, fun with pixels ensued at Kuju Entertainment, adding Channel 4 and Nokia to the client list.

Working as a clever computer boffin has also given me A grade technical skills and a superior knowledge of both Mac and PC.

When freelance work began to take over my life, landrobot was born. As landrobot, I've continued to work with games companies providing awesome characters, background and animations but I've also widened the net bringing the landrobot touch to storyboarding, poster design, insurance company rebranding and working with one award winning toy company!

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